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Olmsted Matte - Production Update #6

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Olmsted Matte - Production Update #6

Arctic weather, a pandemic and even flooding aren't gonna stop us! 

No seriously. With all the snow we've had over the past month and the sudden change in temperature last week, the HQ had water dripping from the ceiling in the main workshop. The good news was that we caught it quickly and got plastic tarps set up to collect the water and protect the merchandise. Whew. 

Now the even better news. 


Yup, written in all caps and bold for extra emphasis. 

A friendly reminder, we're shipping out based on order numbers and will do our absolute best to get everything out as quickly as possible. We will ship out in weekly batches and expect to complete everything in 3-6 weeks. Please understand that we will never sacrifice quality over speed. 

We will send you an email when your watch is ready. Please follow the instructions in that email. Please. You will need to confirm how you'd like to receive your watch and if you've had any changes to your address. This is a very important step. If you don't receive an email from us, your watch isn't ready yet—please be patient as we get through the orders.

You guys are the best, seriously, I love our Owners and am so honored that you've chosen Oak & Oscar as your next timepiece.

Have a great one!