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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Oak & Oscar watches, watch straps, watch wallets, or anything else? We’ve probably got an answer and it might even be listed below! Of course, if you can’t find what you’re looking for please feel free to contact us via our contact page. We’re here to help.

What is a pre-order?
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A pre-order means an item, typically a pretty kick-ass watch, is available for sale before the production has been completed. We’ve done our homework and are working with very reliable manufacturers and have very little reason to believe there will be any delays, but, they can happen. Bottom line, we’ll keep you in the loop and promise to provide updates as necessary.

All pre-orders will ship, based on order number, once the items are available. For order cancellations, we reserve the right to charge a 3% credit card transaction fee (this fee is levied by the processing system and we have no control over it).

Do you require payment in full at time of a pre-order?
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Yes, we require payment in full for pre-orders.

Are there any retail locations that I can view your watches in person?
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Nope – our watches are all sold online or in person. Please shoot us a message via the contact page to schedule an appointment. We're located about a two miles northwest of Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL.

Can I come by the HQ and see the watches in person?
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Of course - we love visitors! Please check out the appointments page to schedule a time to visit! Our office is located about two miles northwest of Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL.

How do you ship watches?
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We will ship all domestic watch orders via UPS and accessories via USPS and, when available, provide you with a tracking number.  Don’t worry, we know the feeling of having an incoming watch and the need to incessantly hit “refresh” and won’t hold it against you!

For international orders, we will ship using UPS Worldwide Express or USPS, unless otherwise notified.  Bottom line, we’ll get the merchandise to you via the best, safest and most timely method possible.  Please note that customs is different in every country and that you may be charged additional tariffs and fees in addition to the shipping fee.  Those fees are not determined, nor are they collected, by Oak & Oscar and are your responsibility.

We reserve the right to cancel any order based on shipping destination. Some locations, especially foreign, require costly shipping fees, insurance premiums and have excessive risk of loss or theft. 

What payments do you accept?
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We accept most credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club.  For in-person transactions, we accept the same cards as above and cash. 

We also accept PayPal.

Sales tax will be added to all orders shipped within Illinois.  We will happily ship out of state for any Illinois residents.

What is your warranty?
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We stand by our products and offer a two year, limited warranty on the watches. This warranty does not cover leather goods, normal wear and tear or damage caused by accidents or negligence. This warranty is rendered void if work is carried out on the watch by persons who are not authorized to do so by Oak & Oscar.

What is your return policy?
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We will happily provide an exchange or refund within 5 days of receipt (based on tracking information), provided that the item has not been worn or altered. In order to process a return or exchange you must first obtain a Return Authorization by email. Upon receipt of the returned merchandise and acceptance of the returned item a credit or refund will be issued. 

We reserve the right to charge a 10.0% restocking fee and deduct shipping costs from the original and return shipment. Any international duties or other fees levied by either a government, shipping company or other third-party will be the responsibility of the customer. 

For order cancellations, we reserve the right to charge a 3% credit card transaction fee (this fee is levied by the processing system and we have no control over it).

When you ship any merchandise back to Oak & Oscar, please make sure to insure them for the full retail value as we cannot be held responsible for items lost or damaged in transit. We highly recommend shipping with UPS.

How often should my watch be serviced? And where should I have it serviced?
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We generally recommend your watch be serviced anywhere from every 3 to 5 years depending on how often you wear it and under what conditions. If it’s your daily wear watch, then we recommend having it serviced more regularly. If you wear your watch in wet conditions than having it serviced often is a must to ensure that all of the O-rings, case back and other key components of water resistance are in good condition.

Where can I get my Oak & Oscar watch repaired or serviced?
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Please contact us via our Service page. We’ll help you get everything sorted out!

How can I clean my Oak & Oscar watch?
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Your watch needs a light cleaning every now and then.

We recommend a simple solution of lukewarm water and mild soap. First remove the leather strap and ensure that the crown is screwed down tightly, if applicable. Then gently rub the surface with either a clean, damp soft cloth or a soft bristle toothbrush to remove the dirt. For you Jackson owners out there, be careful not to activate the pushers or rotate the crown while cleaning.

If you’ve worn your watch in the ocean, a lake or even a pool we recommend rinsing it off with clean water to remove any salt, dirt or chemicals that could damage the watch.

Any tips on how to best take care of my leather strap?
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Definitely. First things first, your leather strap was hand made by a true craftsman using the best leather available in the US. It will develop patina and show age as you wear it. We advise against wearing your leather strap while swimming and we recommend that you wear a nylon or canvas strap during hot, humid weather. Sweat, humidity and other moisture can weaken or even damage the leather.