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Olmsted Matte - Production update!

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Olmsted Matte - Production update!


First things first. Thank you. Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response to the launch of the Olmsted Matte. I’m super pumped about this piece and cannot wait to get it on your wrist.

As promised, I will send everyone periodic updates via email about the production of the Olmsted Matte. It’s a really fun way to stay in touch and watch as we build and assemble your new timepieces.

These emails will go out only to the folks, like yourself, who’ve purchased the Olmsted Matte and will contain information and photos that the public hasn’t had a chance to see yet. I figure since y’all ordered first then you should get special sneak peak access!

Ok, now for the first update. The nylons with matching hardware arrived last week and they are flat out awesome. I mean, seriously. This may be my new preferred way to wear the Olmsted Matte. You’re gonna love it.

We’re still on track to -begin- deliveries in late December. Because these are all hand assembled by Nathan (thanks Nathan!) we expect to deliver watches in batches based on order number. We will go as quickly as possible but everyone’s patience will be much appreciated.

Ok, that’s all for now! Thanks again for your support and trust—it is truly appreciated.

Have a great one!