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Oak & Oscar Owner Recognized WatchPro Hot 100 2023

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Oak & Oscar Owner Recognized WatchPro Hot 100 2023

WatchPro, a multinational watch industry media outlet, highlighted Oak & Oscar Founder and Owner Chase Fancher as one of WatchPro’s top 100 industry leaders in their 2023 edition of WatchPro Hot 100.

“The WatchPro Hot 100 celebrates the achievements and efforts of individuals in the watch industry who work tirelessly to improve their organization, and the industry,” wrote title sponsor Tirath Kamdar, GM of Global Luxury at eBay. “It recognizes key names amongst the vast landscape of brands, retailers, services, marketplaces, and platforms.”

Chase and Oak & Oscar are featured in the American Trailblazer’s section alongside other independent stateside watch brands. The feature talks about Chase’s departure from his real estate job in 2015, to the launch of the Burnham, Sandford GMT, all the way to today’s Humboldt GMT and Olmsted. 

“We have so many things to be proud of,” Chase says in the article as the author notes the exponential growth of the brand. “We were also chosen by the National Association of Olmsted Parks to present three custom timepieces to key members of their organization. An amazing feeling to have a watch you’ve created be given as awards celebrating the namesake of the watch itself.”

It's a particular honor to be mentioned alongside several movers-and-shakers in the industry, including: 

You can see the full WatchPro Hot 100 list here: