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IN THE NEWS: WatchTime Reviews the Olmsted FEW Edition

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IN THE NEWS: WatchTime Reviews the Olmsted FEW Edition

Martin Green of WatchTime recently wrote an in-depth review of the Olmsted FEW edition. Green highlighted the natural fit between Oak & Oscar and FEW spirits: “Collaborations seem to work best when there is a genuine love and connection between the two parties. With the Oak & Oscar Olmsted FEW, this is undeniably the case.” 

Green paid special attention to the salmon dial of this limited edition piece, a feature that distinguishes this watch within the Olmsted line and marks a first for Oak & Oscar. “The watch is based on the Olmsted 38…but it comes with one significant difference. I am not talking here about the FEW logo, although that actually looks nice, but the matte salmon-colored dial.” He went on to write that the “matte finish is the big difference, which goes very well with the sandwich dial construction.” In keeping with the bourbon-inspired flourishes of the watch and FEW’s roots in the prohibition era, Green concluded that, “The grainy texture ensures that it remains a field watch but a good looking one that also feels at home with a suit, tie, and hat as worn in pre-prohibition times…” 

Of course, the salmon dial, while beautiful, isn’t the only thing that sets this watch apart. If you flip the watch over, you’ll see a wooden caseback insert. This is no ordinary piece of wood, however. Those who purchase the watch are gifted a bottle of FEW’s Bottled in Bond whiskey handpicked by the Oak & Oscar team, and the caseback insert was fashioned from the very same barrel in which the whiskey was aged. As Green points out, creating this special caseback was “more challenging than it sounds, as wood is not often processed with the exact precision requirements used in watchmaking. The beautiful result adds further to what makes this watch so special.”

There are only a few (see what I did there?) of these beauties left in the Oak & Oscar shop. So if you’d like to add one to your collection, click here