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Getting So Close


It’s absolutely amazing seeing so many Humboldts land on the wrists of happy Owners. But we know that we’ve still got loads of orders to fulfill and I promise you that we are busting our butts doing everything we can to get them out the door as quickly and responsibly as possible. 

We’re making a big dent in the backlog every week and I promise to keep up the momentum. In fact, we should be able to close everything out in the next few weeks. Whew - it’s been nuts around here.

Honestly, thank you for your patience - we are a small team but we work hard. Were incredibly grateful for everyone’s love for the Humboldt and can’t wait to get it on your wrist!

Reminder: When your watch is ready, you will receive an email from us to either confirm your shipping address or to schedule a pickup at the HQ in Chicago.
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