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Introducing: The new green dial Olmsted

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Introducing: The new green dial Olmsted

We've been working on this new dial color for nearly two years now. Getting the shade of green just right was incredibly important to us. We're remarkably excited to finally introduce y'all to the new green dial Olmsted. 

The Olmsted is a true field watch—from the clean dial layout, comfortable case size, to even the name, Olmsted.

Oak & Oscar Olmsted green dial field watch on leather strap. hand in pocket with chunky green sweater.

Named in honor of Frederick Law Olmsted—an avid believer in the need for natural public space in society. Olmsted is responsible for designing many of the public parks in the United States; notably, Central Park in New York City and Jackson Park in Chicago.

The new green color is the perfect extension of the classic Olmsted lineup.

Oak & Oscar Olmsted green dial on stainless steel.

The deep green sandwich dial is surrounded by the brushed stainless steel 38mm case. This design reflects Olmsted’s urban parks that are an oasis of nature encompassed by metal buildings and man-made urban artifacts.

Oak & Oscar Green dial Olmsted on grey nylon

All green Olmsteds will be paired with a light grey nylon strap and are available on either our stainless steel bracelet or Horween leather. Expected delivery in late Q4 2022.

Grab your new Olmsted now by clicking here!