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Introducing: Team Shuster Humboldt 12hr

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Introducing: Team Shuster Humboldt 12hr
To celebrate our partnership with Team Shuster as they defend their Olympic gold, we’re releasing an incredibly limited edition of the Humboldt 12-Hr—the same watch they’re wearing on the ice right now at the 2022 Beijing Winter Games—with a piece of a real curling stone from an Olympic competition set into the caseback.
Because of the sheer amount of work that goes into each of these watches, this is an extremely limited run of just ten pieces; five are for Team Shuster and five for the public.
Oak & Oscar Team Shuster Humboldt 12hr Curling watch
Set your bezel to Beijing and get ready to cheer on America’s favorite curling team!

With millions of viewers during the 2018 Winter Olympics, curling was one of the most watched sports of the 2018 PyeongChang games. All eyes are on the U.S. Men’s team as they sweep the ice, and sweep away their opponents, while seeking back-to-back gold medals!

We’re absolutely honored that Team Shuster, including curlers John Shuster, Chris Plys, Matt Hamilton and John Landsteiner, wear the Humboldt 12-hr watch both on and off the ice. It’s truly a remarkable feeling watching them compete while wearing something we’ve created.

What better way to celebrate our partnership, Team Shuster, and the winter sport we’ve all fallen in love with, than by wearing a little bit of curling on your wrist?

Oak & Oscar Team Shuster Humboldt 12hr Curling