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IN THE NEWS: Fratello highlights our new Humboldt GMT Ti!

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IN THE NEWS: Fratello highlights our new Humboldt GMT Ti!

We had the pleasure of hanging out with Vincent Deschamps, writer for Fratello and founder of Mainspring, at the 2023 Windup Watchfair - NYC. 

It's always a pleasure to Vincent and especially a joy to share time with chatting watches, current projects and future projects. He offers a fresh take on the industry and has a very keen eye for good design, knows quality craftsmanship and is a fantastic writer!

We were thrilled to learn that he recently wrote a piece for Fratello about the watches that:

"...caught my attention the most and which best exemplify where micro and independent brands are headed next."

We're very proud of the Humboldt GMT Titanium and appreciate that Vincent found it comfortable and was impressed with the weight and dimensions. He's always been a fan of our design and with his small wrists I think he's found his perfect travel watch! 

If you'd like to read more about his opinion on the Humboldt GMT Titanium as well as the other watches that caught his eye, click here!

If you want to pick up the new Humboldt GMT Titanium in the exclusive green dial, click here!