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IN THE NEWS: Revolution Watches asks Chase about the Swiss...

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IN THE NEWS: Revolution Watches asks Chase about the Swiss...

I was super excited about this interview...not only because I got to chat with my buddy Felix Scholz but also because I think the conversation about "Swiss Made" is necessary. It's a bold stance, but I personally don't think "Swiss Made" is the end all be all. Important and deserved of respect? Does a Swiss cow wear a bell? For those of you unfamiliar with Swiss tradition the answer is, yes, absolutely. 

As I'm quoted in the article, "Switzerland serves as a modern-day hub for watchmaking." and I continue, "While Switzerland may be the most well-known, they’re certainly not the only place making watches. Many brands rely on the marketing buzz of ‘Swiss Made’ and don’t offer much else. We, on the other hand, have specifically chosen to not put ‘Swiss Made’ on our watches because we’re an American company. We want to make great, high-quality watches based on our own reputation, not the reputation of the Swiss."

Another problem with putting "Swiss Made" on the dial? Then we can't legally assembly our watches here in Chicago. That's just plain bonkers to me. 

Have a read and learn about what other brands think about working with the Swiss. I should note that being mentioned in the same article as personal hero of mine, Stepan Sarpaneva, is really just icing on the cake. 

Link here.