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IN THE NEWS: Hodinkee Reviews the Atwood

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IN THE NEWS: Hodinkee Reviews the Atwood

One of our favorite blogs, Hodinkee, just published a write-up about the Atwood!

Tony Traina, fellow Chicagoan and friend of Oak & Oscar (and an Owner to boot!), writes that “The Atwood is an illustration of everything Oak & Oscar does well.” 

Tony emphasized the design cues that situate the Atwood in a lineage that traces back to our first watch but that also set this watch apart as its own unique offering. “With every release in its nearly 10-year history, founder Chase Fancher and company have managed to keep the brand’s designs consistent and cohesive, while also steadily evolving them with different sizes, complications, and cases.” 

He goes on to write that “what I’ve always enjoyed about Oak & Oscar’s designs is that they somehow feel rooted in history without making any direct reference to another brand’s heritage.”

He adds that the Atwood offers great value and quality finishing at a reasonable price point. Commenting on the manually wound Sellita AMT5100M that powers the Atwood, Tony writes, “For under $3,000, it’s a high-performing and even impressive-looking movement. The blued column wheel is a nice touch, and Oak & Oscar told me they were careful to upsize the crown to give it a tactile winding feel.” 

Thanks for the kind words, Tony! It’s great to have such an esteemed watch writer just down the street. 

Read Tony’s full review here, and reserve your own Atwood here