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IN THE NEWS: Fratello Features the Olmsted FEW Limited Edition

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IN THE NEWS: Fratello Features the Olmsted FEW Limited Edition

“ of this year’s most incredible limited-edition packs.”

Balazs Ferenczi of Fratello kindly covered our most recent release. He referred to our collaboration with FEW as “one of this year’s most incredible limited-edition packs.” Between the oak barrel case back, the bottle of bourbon that’s gifted with purchase of the watch, and both FEW and Oak & Oscar styling, we have to agree!

Balazs was careful to emphasize the close relationship between our brand and all things bourbon. After all, it’s right there in our name! He wrote that, “A Chicago-based watch brand with close ties to whiskeys needs a local distillery to share its love for bourbons and watches.” For us, there was no better partner for this collaboration than FEW Spirits. As Balazs put it, “Perhaps you could call it a match made in heaven. In any case, it’s just a genuine connection that is worth celebrating.” He went so far as to say this may be his favorite Oak & Oscar timepiece to date!

The article pays special attention to the unique color of the dial: “For the first time, the Olmsted dial has a matte brown, almost dark salmon hue…FEW Spirit’s color palette inspires this, and it just works.” Balazs also remarked on the clean design of the watch, a hallmark of all our timepieces. He wrote, “It is clean and straightforward, but thanks to the little details, it is a highly legible and fun timepiece on the wrist.”

Of course, the bottle of bourbon that’s given as a special gift along with purchase of the watch adds to the uniqueness of this piece: “a bourbon-themed watch would not be complete without a bottle of goodness. This is why the brand is offering a bottle of the Bottled in Bond bourbon aged in the same oak wood as on the case back to buyers (21 or over and legally able to receive a bottle.”

The Olmsted FEW edition is available for purchase now. Click here to purchase before they’re gone!

Oak & Oscar Olmsted FEW Edition laying on top of the custom bourbon bottle