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IN THE NEWS: Founder Chase Fancher Featured in Sheridan Road Magazine

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IN THE NEWS: Founder Chase Fancher Featured in Sheridan Road Magazine

Oak & Oscar has been in the press a lot lately (see here, here, and here, for example). One piece that’s a little different than the others, though, is a recent article published in Sheridan Road magazine spotlighting our fearless leader, Chase. 

Sheridan Road is a luxury lifestyle publication with a focus on Chicagoland’s North Shore. The magazine often spotlights prominent members of the community and inquires about what drives them and what interests them. 

In the recently-published June edition of the magazine, Sheridan Road sat down with Chase to learn about what he’s reading, what digital media he consumes, and what’s playing in his earbuds.

The article provides a brief history of the Oak & Oscar brand, taking care to point out our love of bourbon and some of the great collaborative projects we’ve done with the likes of Wilson Sporting Goods and FEW Spirits, among others. 

Chase then gave a rundown of the things that inspire him. The Optimist is highlight from his reading list. Like any good founder of a watch company, he closely follows the exchange rate of the dollar and Swiss Franc. And, if you know Chase, you know the Dave Matthews Band is playing in his earbuds! 

Read the full article on Sheridan Road to learn more about Chase’s interests of late. And you won’t want to miss the great photo of him and our mascot, Oscar, either!    (Pay close attention to Oscar’s “wrist”! 😉)