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IN THE NEWS: Teddy Baldassarre Discusses Microbrands

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IN THE NEWS: Teddy Baldassarre Discusses Microbrands

Teddy Baldassarre, one of the most influential figures in the digital watch media space, recently released a video on what to consider when purchasing a watch from a microbrand. With so many brands to choose from, customers are often faced with an overwhelming set of options when considering a new timepiece. Teddy made a compelling case for going with a microbrand. Oak & Oscar is, of course, a frontrunner in that world, with several of our timepieces featured prominently in the video. Notably, while Teddy’s distinction between micros and independent brands is useful, we prefer the phrase “independent watch brand.” After all, we have our own in-house watchmaker, and we’re constantly pushing the envelope in terms of design and our own in-house manufacturing capabilities.

Among the many features that make microbrands attractive, is the design. Teddy notes that larger brands are often tied to a more conservative approach while microbrands are able to develop distinctive designs that are uniquely their own. An original approach to design is something that has been a through line of Oak & Oscar since the very beginning. As Logan Baker, formerly of Hodinkee and current editorial manager at Phillips, once put it in reference to the Burnham, Sandford, and Jackson models, “They looked like nothing but an Oak & Oscar watch; these were no cheap Swiss homage pieces.” That’s as true today as it was when those words were written.

Teddy also highlighted the fact that, with a microbrand, you’re able to develop a relationship with the people designing and manufacturing your watch. This is something that’s simply not possible with larger brands. This is perhaps our favorite part of what we do. We love meeting personally with people who come by the HQ or drop by our booth at WindUp. 

While it’s true that we’re a small company without the resources of the Swatch Group behind us, our customer service, quality control, and attention to detail is unparalleled. And, importantly, many Oak & Oscar watches hold their value on the resale market, with some limited editions exceeding MSRP.

 Watch the full video to hear more about what makes microbrands such an attractive option in a crowded market. Also, check out Teddy’s updated list of the 60 Best Microbrand Watches featuring yours truly!

Finally, if you want to see what all the fuss is about, check out the watches themselves here