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IN THE NEWS: Olmsted FEW Edition Featured in Worn & Wound!

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IN THE NEWS: Olmsted FEW Edition Featured in Worn & Wound!

Our good friend Zach Kazan at Worn & Wound put together a nice write-up of our newest release, the Olmsted FEW edition. As Zach pointed out, this collaboration was a natural fit:

“If you’ve met Chase Fancher, founder of Oak & Oscar, you probably know that he’s something of a bourbon enthusiast…So it wasn’t a huge surprise when news came across the transom that Oak & Oscar’s latest limited edition is a thoughtful collaboration with FEW Spirits…” 

A lot of thought went into making this collaboration special for both watch and bourbon enthusiasts, and Zach took note. He pointed out that there are plenty of Easter eggs for bourbon lovers, including the dial color which takes its cue from the FEW colorway reserved for the best bourbons, the FEW logo proudly displayed at 6 o’clock, and and the wooden coin displayed in the caseback that was cut from the very oak barrel in which the bourbon paired with the watch was aged.

And about that hand-selected bourbon: Zach pointed out that “each Olmsted FEW will be shipped with a bottle of FEW’s Bottled in Bond…The idea is that as you’re wearing the watch, you can sip on the bourbon that was aged in the barrel that the coin in the caseback was made from. Not a bad bit of synergy between watch and bourbon brands.”

The Olmsted FEW edition is now available for purchase and ready to ship! Click here to purchase one before the sell out!