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IN THE NEWS: Oak & Oscar Featured in Europa Star

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IN THE NEWS: Oak & Oscar Featured in Europa Star

Europa Star, one of the oldest and most respected watch media outlets, recently published a feature-length article on Oak & Oscar. We always say that our watches are built to discover, and the article, entitled “Oak & Oscar Wants Your Watch to Get Dirty,” really highlighted our adventurous spirit! As author, Sky Sit, put it, “Oak & Oscar’s timepieces are tailored for modern-day explorers who connect with, and sometimes become, the stories interwoven into its world.” Look no further than our Owner Stories series to see that she means what she says! 

The article emphasized our commitment to quality materials, horological innovation, and developing community. Sky noted that Oak & Oscar sets itself apart by “employing premium materials and unorthodox transparency of its suppliers…” Whether it be our EXP series, durable canvas strap design, or our exquisite micro-adjust clasps, we like to push the envelope. To that end, Sky wrote of our founder, Chase Fancher, that he “seeks to develop the brand by tapping into its internal capabilities rather than following external market trends.” The piece also takes note that we’re one of a select few independent brands to employ a certified watchmaker, resulting in “technically astute timepieces.” 

We have a lot of fun doing what we do. But we also take our job very seriously. It’s an honor to be able to produce timepieces that can become a part of someone’s life story. Our goal is to make watches that can be worn in any setting, take a beating, and keep on going.

As Sky concluded, “Each scuff on a watch is a story, a shared badge for the Oak & Oscar community, one that values more than just the craft of horology. These watches are chronicles of life’s indelible moments, enriched by the personalities who wear them and the stories they tell.”

We plan to do this for a long time to come, and we hope to hear many more stories along the way!