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IN THE NEWS: Gear Patrol Features the Olmsted FEW Edition

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IN THE NEWS: Gear Patrol Features the Olmsted FEW Edition

Gear Patrol recently published a great review of our latest release, the Olmsted FEW limited edition. Author, Johnny Brayson, noted that, in a growing line of limited collaborative releases pairing whiskey and watches, “I’m not sure we’ve ever seen one as thoughtfully and tastefully done as Oak & Oscar’s new collab with FEW Spirits.” We couldn’t agree more!

Brayson points to some of the distinguishing features that set this watch apart from our traditional Olmsted offerings, namely, the “deep salmon [dial] that matches the labels on some of FEW’s bottles and the FEW logo above six o’clock.” Of course, the show doesn’t end there. The caseback on this piece is really something special as it features a wooden coin fashioned from a FEW bourbon barrel that was handpicked by the Oak & Oscar team. As if that wasn’t cool enough, a bottle of bourbon aged in that very same oak barrel is given as a gift to folks 21 and over who purchase the watch. As Brayson concluded, “A local brand connection, clever use of materials and free whiskey? This is how you do a proper watch collab, folks.” 

There are only a handful of these special pieces left. So if you’re eager to get your hands on one, head to our website now!