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Oak & Oscar Canvas Watch Strap Team Mustard
Oak & Oscar Canvas Watch Strap Team Mustard
Oak & Oscar canvas watch strap
Oak & Oscar canvas watch strap

Canvas Strap - Mustard


Handmade, 100% cotton 20mm canvas strap. Includes signed 18mm buckle in brushed stainless steel.

1970's called and they want their strap back! Pair our mustard yellow strap with your finest bell bottoms, velour shirts and hit the road in your station wagon while listening to the Bee Gees. I kid I kid. This strap has a great vibe to it and will compliment any watch!

Each 20mm strap is tapered and includes an 18mm stainless steel buckle with a tang that is engineered to sit level with the buckle. The buckle is signed on both the top and bottom and has a grooved channel on the underside to allow the strap to sit more flush and comfortably on the wrist.

Canvas is a natural material. Your strap will age and develop its own patina over time.    

* International buyers are responsible for any customs duties.